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ScreenX: a new immersive theatre experience is coming to Dubai Mall

A new partnership between Reel Cinemas – the Dubai entertainment company operated by Emaar – and CJ 4DPLEX, has resulted in the announcement this week that a new kind of cinema experience is to open at Dubai Mall later this year.

Known as ScreenX, it’s the first multi-projection system in the world to provide cinemagoers with a 270-degree panoramic view, and the Dubai Mall venue will become one of a select few in the Middle East, with just 142 currently existing around the world.

The concept was created six years ago by CJ CGV, a South Korean tech company, as one of a new wave of sensory cinematic experiences, such as 4DX, which incorporates motion and environmental effects, like being splashed with water or your seat moving in tandem with the action on screen. Projected onto three walls, specific sections of the footage being shown are expanded to produce an immersive image that brings new meaning to the term ‘widescreen’.