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CJ CGV to Present ScreenX at CinemaCon 2015 in US


CJ CGV will display its ScreenX technology at CinemaCon 2015, the largest and the most important gathering for the worldwide motion picture theater industry, being held in Las Vegas on April 20.ScreenX is the worlds first multi-projection technology co-developed by CJ CGV and KAIST. It is the companys leading-edge theater technology.Unlike existing theaters with one front screen, the 270-degree ScreenX projects footage onto both of a theaters side walls as well as its main front screen, enlarging immersion of a viewer.During the CinemaCon exhibition, the company will set up the ScreenX system in AMC, one of the largest theater chains in the U.S., offering the opportunity for anyone to experience the new way to watch movies.

Currently, Christie projectors and HP workstations are utilized as part of the ScreenX system.CJ CGV is planning to install more than 500 ScreenX screens worldwide by 2020 and play a role as the platform on which to expand Korean movies and pop music.The company said, We have received an enthusiastic response in the U.S. at the news that ScreenX will participate in CinemaCon 2015.


It is said that press and theater notables in the U.S., including Hollywood Reporter, spoke highly of its immersion and were impressed with Koreas extraordinary technology.CJ CGV has installed about 70 ScreenX screens in Korea, and installed the first overseas screen in Thailand on April 1.