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CinemaCon 2018: ScreenX to double U.S. screens with B&B Theatres deal

ScreenX is expanding in the United States from three installations on the West Coast to seven total across the country.


CJ 4DPLEX has signed a deal with B&B Theatres to install its 270-degree cinema system in four theaters, including one that will be the largest ScreenX system in the world.

The Missouri-based chain operates 400 screens at 50 locations across Kansas, Florida, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.


One of the ScreenX systems will go into a premium, large-format auditorium in Liberty, Missouri. At more than four stories tall and seven stories wide, it will be ScreenX’s biggest screen to date.


ScreenX currently has three U.S. locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and more than 135 globally. The B&B deal marks ScreenX’s first installations in the United States away from the West Coast.


Created in 2012, ScreenX deploys additional projectors to project supplemental images onto the side walls of a movie theater auditorium. The result is a viewing experience that extends beyond moviegoers’ peripheral vision, virtually surrounding them with picture.


“ScreenX coupled with our B&B Grand Screen will create the most immersive moviegoing experience imaginable,” said B&B Executive Vice President Brock Bagby in a statement. “This breaks barriers into a new realm of cinema presentation and we are so excited to be the largest ScreenX system in the world.”


“We strive to be in every state and every city, and working with excellent partners like B&B Theatres is how we will complete our dream,” added CJ 4DPLEX CEO Byung Hwan Choi.CJ 4DPLEX, headquartered in Seoul with international offices in Los Angeles and Beijing, also signed a deal with Regal parent Cineworld this week to install its 4DX motion seats in 145 auditoriums. The company is demoing ScreenX in combination with 4DX at CinemaCon this week.