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Hurray! You'll Soon be Able to Experience Movies at a 270-degree Panoramic Cinema in Dubai

Don’t we all just love Dubai! The minute you feel that you’ve experienced everything there is out there, the city gives you something new to marvel over. In a bid to better your cinema going experience, ScreenX is coming to the city this year. What’s ScreenX you ask?
With ScreenX, movie buffs will now be able to watch their favourite flicks on a 270-degree multi-projection system. The ScreenX is usually set up within a theatre itself and will open this year at Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall, becoming one of the first ScreenX screens in the Middle East. Hurray!!

The new cinema format was first conceptualised in 2012, and is a format along with 4DX, the multisensory cinema technology which includes motion and environmental effects. The technology allows viewers to go beyond the frame of the traditional screen by expanding the image of feature films onto three theatre walls in an immersive, panoramic 270-degree format, of which there are currently only 142 in the world.

Watch this space to find out when this amazing experience will launch!